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Richard up the mast

Richard up the mast

Saturday 30th April

The day finally arrived for our departure – but we still had a lot to do.  Slept on the boat on the pontoon at Marchwood on Friday evening and then, first thing this morning, Richard went up the mast to put the repaired wind speed and direction unit back up.  I then took the car home, and got the train/bus back, so it was around 3pm before we were finally ready to leave.

Haven’t really got our sea legs yet, especially as the wind was very gusty.  Flew down Southampton Water, but only went as far as Beaulieu.  Felt that we needed a day to check everything out before getting out of the Solent.  Also realised that our new wind speed unit needed calibrating as it wasn’t working properly and don’t want to get too far from Lymington (where it was repaired) until we are confident that it will work.

Shakedown sail April 22nd – 24th


Thought we had better have a trip out – just to make sure that everything works – but the weather was so awful that we didn’t actually put the sails up!    After a really wet motor down Southampton Water to Port Hamble on Friday, Richard got the boat into a really tight pontoon berth very smoothly and with no arguing – so our new bow thruster really works well.

Richard in the pouring rain

Richard in the pouring rain

Richard was up early on Saturday morning for racing in the RSYC spring series on the X34 Aura, so didn’t set off again until around 14:30.  In the cold northerly wind ran downwind and arrived earlty evening to anchor in Beaulieu reach. Lovely evening as in the photograph and looking forward to more sorting things out tomorrow!!

Nearly Ready


Friday 8th April 2016.  Harvard goes back in the water

The wet winter meant that we made slow and frustrating progress preparing Harvard for our summer cruising – but we are nearly ready now.  As well as the usual cleaning and polishing, we have had a bow thruster fitted, bought a new mattress (very important!) and re-varnished half the interior woodwork.  We also replaced the main and genoa halyards with new dynema ropes and serviced the winches and genoa furling mechanism.   Richard  serviced the engine, made various alterations,  and replaced the old exhaust elbow that caused us trouble last year.  Surely that would be enough we thought… but  as soon as we put her back in the water, we realised that there was still more to do.  Pride comes before a fall –  I volunteered to go up the mast to replace the wind speed indicator – and having got to the highest point  to which Richard could winch me, I managed to break it.  Finding spare parts for a 15 year old instrument has not been easy,  so that has put us somewhat behind schedule.  We also found that the water pump had seized up over the winter and the toilet pump was leaking. That and a decision to replace the guardrails means more expense and delays.  Hope we can stick to our proposed departure date on 1st May…