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1st September, Ardrossan The End of Stage 1

The end of stage one of our trip. We fly home tomorrow, although will drive back for a couple of days next week to empty all the contents and have the boat lifted out of the water for winter storage.

We spent the day packing up, taking the sails off and mousing off the halyards. I even managed to winch Richard up the mast to take the wind indicator off. It was another wet and windy day, with more of the same in the forecast, so we weren’t too disappointed to be going home.

In spite of the Scottish weather it has been a good 4 months. We were probably a bit over-cautious in our planning. Our imaginations had run wild at the thought of some of the conditions we might face – particularly going round Lands End, round the top of Anglesey, the Mull or Kintyre and through Doris Mohr – but all those were relatively straight forward in the end. The worst moments were the unexpected ones, particularly before we learned just how unpredictable the Scottish weather is and how quickly it can change.
We stayed in marinas more than we had planned. That was partly because of the weather, but also because we wanted to do so much sight-seeing as well as sailing. We have seen so much and yet there is so much we left out – we could do it all again!  We have been left with an abiding sense of the beauty of parts of the British Isles,, the history, the changing geology and the immense variety.

We’re already looking forward to continuing the trip next year…

31st August, Lamlash to Ardrossan

The wind had dropped considerably by the morning, but it was a dead run in a big swell to Ardrossan, so we rolled around a bit. We knew from experience how the swell builds up in the entrance to Ardrossan harbour, and there is very little room to manoeuvre once inside, so we didn’t even try to put the mainsail up, and just sailed with the genoa unfurled – still doing 7 knots over the ground most of the time in 15-20 knots of wind. In fact our main problem was trying to slow the boat down enough to time our arrival correctly to avoid the regular ferries using the port.

It was with a sense of relief that we arrived all in once piece and, as the wind gradually increased during the rest of the day, we were thankful that we had made an early start.

The afternoon was spent trying, once again, to get all our clothes dry, and sort the boat out.