Monthly Archives: April 2017

Preparing for stage 2 – 5th to 11th April 2017

Set off on our drive up to Ardrossan to re-commission Harvard for the continuation of our Round the UK adventure. After an overnight stop at Carlisle we arrived to find Harvard in good shape. Amazingly, and in spite of all the winter storms, the cover was still on and in good condition with only a bit of chafing damage. It had a done a great job and all was dry and clean inside. Having thought our launch date was “flexible” we were told that if we missed our slot on 10th April we might have to wait some time for another slot so we had a deadline to work to!! Happily we encountered a window of good weather so by working long days we managed to rub down the bottom, clean and polish the topsides, grease the seacocks, re-commission the engine and apply the antifouling all in 4 days. We launched successfully on the 10th and the engine ran well as we motored across the marina to our berth.

Anne polishing Harvard

The resilient mounts on the engine had been replaced over the winter and the initial impression was that this has greatly reduced the engine vibration. Once in the water the toilet was replaced, as the old one was not working very well, and we took the lid off the water tank; both jobs on Anne’s “must do” list. Both took longer than anticipated, as they always do, and the water tank turned out to be very clean. Set off back home via Richard’s Mum in Yorkshire to stay for a couple of days and arrived home safely but quite tired.