8th July, Eyemouth to Lindisfarne (Holy Island)


Paul on his Rustler

We liked Eyemouth. The harbour had great facilities and the people were friendly. We were in no hurry in the morning, and so could spend time shopping, doing some washing, and filling up with water. More importantly we had time to chat and learn more from Nick in his Wayfarer, and Paul in his Rustler, both of whom had come from the south and were intending to travel north.

Dreamtime leaving Eyemouth











We left at 11am UT, but the sailing was frustrating.. In spite of the forecast westerly winds, we had a south easterly on the nose, and so, once again, ended up motor sailing. Still the sun was shining, and as we crossed back into England at Berwick on Tweed, it was almost warm.

It only took three and a half hours to get to Lindisfarne. We arrived at high water which made the navigation relatively straightforward, and we were both delighted to be able to anchor after so many nights in marinas. The tide runs strongly through the anchorage to the south of the island, and the wind seemed to come up as we came in. The forecast was that it would not drop before the morning, so we decided to stay on board. By waiting for a full tide cycle we would be sure that the anchor was well dug in and that way we would be confident before going ashore to enjoy a full day in this beautiful place tomorrow.

We lay in bed in the evening listening to a weird sound. A sort of wailing that wasn’t exactly eyrie but we couldn’t identify it…

One thought on “8th July, Eyemouth to Lindisfarne (Holy Island)

  1. Paul

    Hello Richard and Anne,
    I feel honoured to figure with my photograph in your blog.
    Your blog offers a good and inspiring reading for future adventures.
    It was really fine meeting you good folks.
    Cheers Paul
    Rustler 36 Fair Isle


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