7th August, River Deben to River Orwell

Leaving the River Deben past the Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club

We had a good night, and didn’t have to leave until just before 08:00 UTC – a lie in for a change! We felt more confident about leaving the river mouth, and crossed the bar around 2.5 hours before high water. That meant that we could afford to take our time sailing down towards Harwich. The wind was a south westerly force 4 and we had a really good sail, tacking down the coast with the tide and managing to cross the Harwich deep water channel under sail in exactly the correct place, and feel superior about all the people ignoring the correct procedure! We then sailed into Harwich and part way up the Orwell.



Pin Mill

An American couple we had met in Ardrossan in April had given us an East Coast Pilot, annotated with all sorts of comments about places they, or their friends, had visited. We have found it really useful, and followed its advice about the River Orwell. Pin Mill is one of the most popular spots, but it is very muddy when the tide goes out, so it suggested not anchoring there, but getting a berth in the nearby marina of Woolverstone.


We got a bit confused coming in as the marina is right next to the Royal Harwich Yacht Club marina, which had no spare spaces. However, we eventually got ourselves organised with a berth in the correct place, and made the short walk to Pin Mill, and its lovely pub called the Butt and Oyster. Their claim to fame is that they feature in the Arthur Ransome book “We didn’t mean to go to sea”. I spent the evening reading it so find out what all the fuss is about…

One thought on “7th August, River Deben to River Orwell

  1. David and Debbie

    Ah, the Butt and Oyster. Spent a few hours in there when E Boat sailing, thawing out during an Easter cruise, and again during our 2015 Round Britain cruise in much warmer conditions. If you are still there and can get in when it’s open Pin Mil Sailing Club does mega bacon sandwiches!

    Nearly on the home straight now. We hope the weather improves and provides some warm sunshine for your trip home. It’s cold and wet in Torquay at the moment so it doesn’t look too wonderful. Enjoy it any way.



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