21st August, Ramsgate to Dover


There was a lot of swell in Ramsgate Marina, not helped by the wash of all the wind farm support vessels which use the eastern end. While sheltered and safe, it was not particularly comfortable, so we were keen to push on. However, going west along the south coast is problematic in that you only get a few hours of favourable tide, so it seemed pragmatic to do the short hop to Dover before tackling the longer leg to Eastbourne.

We spent the morning shopping and looking around Ramsgate – which Richard named “dog shit city” as it was difficult to keep your shoes clean. In spite of that the beaches are good, the waterfront interesting and the Victorian architecture around the port is impressive. It is another seaside town that owes some of its prosperity to the arrival of the train in the 19th Century. It also has the last Benedictine Abbey to be built in England, St Augustin’s, designed by Pugin, so there is plenty to see, but the high street had little to make us want to stay.

White Cliffs of Dover


We left at 15:00 UT and, once again, after an hour trying to sail, we had to motor sail in light winds. We arrived at Dover at 18:00 UT entering in through the eastern entrance. A lot of “improvement” work is being done so it was annoying that you are not allowed to anchor in the outer harbour at the moment. We had to go to the marina and raft up on the waiting pontoon until 20:00 UT when there was enough tide to allow the gates to be opened into the inner harbour/marina in Granville Dock. As we intend to leave again at 01:30 UT it all seems a bit excessive, and at £26.75 for such a short stop over, very expensive, but we had little choice.

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