25th August, Chichester to Marchwood

It was a glorious morning and we didn’t need to leave until 13:00, so we just enjoyed the sunshine

Chichester Week racing dinghies

Not only were we keen to get home, but we wanted to get home before the Bank Holiday Weekend. After so many miles of fairly empty seas we weren’t sure that we could cope with the Solent crowds. Getting out of Chichester Harbour was difficult enough. It turned out to be Chichester Harbour Week so there were hundreds of dinghies racing.





The Solent is a different world to anywhere else we have been – it’s just so busy; and while the waters are flat, the wash from all the commercial traffic, cruise ships, motor boats, jet skiers, ferries etc is a real pain, and something we had hardly encountered on the rest of the journey. Still, there was a gentle breeze and we were able to put the cruising chute up – for only the second time – and kept up around 6 knots, through the submarine barrier, and on to Lee-on-Solent, where the wind died away altogether. The last three hours under engine against the tide up Southampton Water were fairly tedious.

We arrived at Marchwood at around 18:00 UT, checked out the temporary mooring we have been given and got safely moored up on the pontoon in time to eat in the clubhouse. It felt as though we hadn’t been away…

Home – with more “traffic” than we have seen in 6 months!

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