28th June, Douglas to Ardglass

The bridge was lifted for us to leave Douglas at 5.45 (BST) which was around high tide and after that it was a case of motoring in very little wind down to the south of the island and around Chicken Rock. At least the tide was with us so we made good time. Even though the forecast was for a SW wind, the wind went SE so Richard boomed out the genoa and after avoiding a cargo ship we spent a couple of peaceful hours running downwind before a rain squall came through and the wind went SW as predicted. Bowled along at over 6 knots on a reach until more rain came through and the wind died. By that time we were off Ardglass so it was on with the engine again and we were soon moored up in the very quiet marina. Not a lot to see in town, so after dinner onboard it was early to bed.

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